Another Lake, Another Surprise

Another lake was on the docket today and that lake was Riley.  Close to home.  Big playground.  Easy beach access for the littles.  The forecast was sun and fun! 
Where's Autumn?  Oh, she was digging and
couldn't be bothered with stopping for a picture.
Thing 1 and me watching from the shore
Gemma girl braving the bridge

We splashed and played and dug and climbed and swung and then our tummies were rumbling and it was time for lunch.  Tonight was kid swap night and we needed to have some downtime before the festivities began so we headed to Punch for lunch and home for rest.  The day was off to a great start.  Watching the girls splash and play in the water and the cousins follow behind was so fun.  There were the usual competitive swim races and handstands and look  at me and watch this from the Things.  And I wouldn't expect anything else. 
There is a tradition that the Uncle Jeff and Aunt Natalie started long ago with our Things.  Once a year, usually around Christmas time when we were living close by, they would take the kiddos for a surprise night.  It began with hints to the locale in the car and they would all try and guess as to where they were going.  One year it was a Cheetah girls concert, a hockey game for Thing 4, a trip to go tubing and an overnight stay in a pirate ship hotel, there have been many.  To hear the Things remember the clues they were given and each outing is just plain neat.  Special memories.  This time was no different.  Uncle Jared and Auntie Leanna or Anna as Gemma calls me, were excited to have the little girlies to ourselves for a couple of hours and the Things were ready for some fun time too.  They didn't know where they were going.  Although we did catch Thing 4 in the act.  He must have overheard some adult conversation regarding the plans and Aunt Natalie found him in the kitchen with the measuring tape checking his height.  I think he was concerned he wouldn't make the cut for the rollercoasters.  What a stinker!  Apparently they all figured it out on the way there.  Do you know where they went?

Surprise, we're at Valley Fair!

The first ride of the night, aggh. 
I know I would never make it through that one!  While we were at the park with the littles we received a text from Aunt Natalie that said, Cheese (Thing 1's  nickname): "I don't think I like this", in reference to the ride above.  Me neither sister.

After braving the ride, Thing 1 needed to relax.  She was not a fan.
And that's how the night went.  Texts and pictures from Uncle Jeff and Aunt Natalie on their outing and vice versa.  Uncle Jared and I were quickly reminded of earlier years with the four Things.  Those two little girlies kept us on our toes.  Our surprise nights don't involve rollercoasters or tubing or any of those things, yet.  Instead we visited a park with a big tunnel slide, walked around looking for ducks to feed, ate dinner al fresco, went for ice cream of course and even threw in a trip to Target for good measure.  By the time we were home, baths given, stories read and milk drank, we sat on the couch and sighed.  Such a great night. 
Pretty sure I love that face!

And this face too!

Looking for the ducks, they were nowhere to be found so we threw bread for the fish,
which we couldn't see either, it sounded good though!
Uncle Jared helping the girlies

Messy dinner at Chipotle, Gemma loves the beans, Autumn loved the rice,
even the cilantro she told me!

Here's me at the ice cream place, "Autumn you can have whatever flavor you want, chocolate, peanut butter cup",on and on.  And her response, "I'll have vanilla with blueberries please".  Um yes.  Alright then.  Blueberries it was!


Uncle Jared pushing the cart, we have never made it through Target so fast!  Lightening speed I tell you.  The girls were helping us "hunt" for our grocery items we needed and then we were out of there.  Can't even tell you how much money they saved us that night. 
That about covers another lake and another surprise.  The pictures tell the story better than I could. 


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