Ahhh...The Beach

Huntington Beach
The morning came and I was set to spend the day with the Strand family.  That meant more niece and nephew time and more fun.  Gianna came along for the outing and I was absolutely delighted.  We loaded in the van with the Strands, four kiddos, three adults.  Even though we were outnumbered we were determined to not only have fun but enjoy the ride!  And that's what we did.
It was such a special day.  I discovered that Gianna is not a fan of the sand.  Yet, my other nieces quite enjoy it.  In fact, one slithered all the way to the water in it and another ventured off the blanket and ate fistfuls of it at every opportunity.   The lone nephew discovered the joys of the ocean waves.  Quite entertaining.

Emme in the sand

Grace with a mouthful of sand

Love the Strand family

Colin and Daddy in the water
Gianna feeling brave and leaving the safety of the blanket
After an afternoon of picnicking in the sun and sand we loaded up the four kiddos in the wagon and went for a walk to the pier.  A special ice cream treat was promised by this Auntie and I wasn't about to break that promise.  Emme played tunes and the sweet sounds of singing and laughing were almost more than I could take. 
Waiting so very patiently for their treat

Loved sharing the beach day with this nugget
Don't be fooled by the smiles and innocent looking photographs.  Upon our arrival at the beach this Auntie carried not only Gianna across the sand but Grace as well, not to mention our beach bag too.  I must have looked pathetic and most definitely out of practice because Uncle Aaron quickly came to my rescue.  How did that happen?  I am Mama to four Things.  I had one on each hip and two at my ankles at all times.  Guess it had been a while.  Regardless, we trekked to our spot and the memory making began.  There were fits and apprehensive little girls and then moments of sheer delight that made up for it all. The real ice cream shake from Ruby's on the pier was the cherry on top. 
We drove home to the Strands but not before stopping in for some REAL Mexican food at El Faurilito, a family favorite.  Before we hit the freeway all four kiddos were asleep.  Seems as though they had so much fun they tuckered themselves out.  Dinner was shared and playing ensued and then our time came to an end all too soon.  Gianna made fast friends with the Strands and this Auntie certainly enjoyed watching them together.  Their conversations and imaginations revealing so much.  I could have sat for hours watching.  Alas I had to drive back to Cow town.  I hugged necks, said goodnight and blew kisses all the way to the car.  What a day!   


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