Reflecting, or Something Like That

I hesitate to write about the footie matches from the past week and the one still ahead for fear I might jinx the boys.  Yet you and I know all that hocus pocus superstitious stuff is for the birds, right? 
Sure we do. 
The last two weeks around here have been full to the brim with footie for Thing 4.  While we have loved every minute of it, well almost, it is coming to a close this week.  Today marks the possible last game of the season.  That is unless his team wins...Again.  Then it will be on to the state championship Wednesday night.  This team has won over our hearts.  Truly.  It has been an experience like no other.  And while perspective is valued within this six we are quite biased when it comes to Thing 4's teammates.  There have been ups and downs.  Yelling parents.  Horrible referees.  Yellow cards.  Losses.  Wins.  Draws.  Kicks from the spot.  Missed kicks from the spot.  Brutal tackles, spectacular goals and fantastic footie overall.  Lessons learned and obstacles overcome.  Some regression, 8 v. 8 and 11 v. 11.  Playing against boys an entire head taller than them and a whole lot stronger.  Catch my drift? 
I have a few photos to illustrate.  Last week's tournament was the USA Cup in which our team, 10 and 11 year olds played in the U13 Silver division.  Losing in the quarterfinals to a team from Puerto Rico that had blown the competition out of the water.  This was by far the very best game I have ever seen these boys play as a collective.  The game went into extra time and then penalties.  Thing 4 has never played with so much heart, not giving up.  This Mama was proud. 
Taking a throw in
Winning the ball
Before the match
Now we're off to our last game of pool play for the state tournament.  Results to be shared at a later date.  Don't worry I'll keep you posted but for now the photos above will have to do. 

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