The Last Week and More

This past week brought house guests to our quaint little town home.  The Horel family arrived the very last Sunday in June and graced us with a week long stay here at the Hanson B&B.  Well not quite on the B&B part but we do our best!  We were all beyond thrilled to have Autumn and Gemma here, and their parents too of course.  There were lake trips planned and fireworks and the zoo and surprise kiddo dates and so much more.  So much in fact that it just seemed to whiz by us without even asking.  Why does that happen?  I tried to be in the moment and soaking up each and every slobbery kiss or knuckle punch and even the whines that sometimes accompany three year olds.  It was a super-dee-duper visit and made us all miss the Horel family that much more.  I'll have posts about all of our activities and outings coming soon. 
For now though, there are a few summer pictures to post.  Namely, our family bucket list is done and hanging on the wall once again.  We have done this for quite a few years now and every summer I look forward to hearing the Things requests and ideas.  They brainstorm and bicker and get creative and wistful.  I love it.  Here's this year's list.  It does bare some similarities to last year's but hey, if it works and it's fun I say go for it.  In regards to the bucket list of course.  The repeats were some that didn't get crossed off last summer so because we are nothing if not diligent we thought we'd give it a go again!

We had one week from when I got home from Cali until the Horel's arrival and with one away at Jam camp we made an effort to begin our summer shenanigans.  There was bike riding, juicing, a movie date, splash pad for two big Things, fishing and even a footie tournament.  All in the span of a week.  Not to mention the two eldest Things celebrated a friend's birthday in style at Cheesecake factory.  They even got all dressed up fancy like.  Sweetness.
Things 1 & 2 being silly of course!
Thumbs up Thing 4

The two biggest kiddos at the splash pad, after a bike ride and fishing

Bike ride to Caribou, which ended with broken handlebars and an
emergency ride home from Mama, she's still smiling though!

Two beauties, inside and out
This Thing returned home from a week at Jam Camp and
this Mama was so very happy to love on her

U13 Tournament Champions, these boys, most of whom are 10 and 11 year olds,
played U13 for the first time and won the tournament!

So there's a snippet of the latest and greatest around here.  Or at least that of the  week prior to our houseguests.  More to come.

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