Leaving Day

Again with the goodbyes.  And this time I was not only saying goodbye to the Horel family but one of my very own Things.  As I mentioned before she up and left us for three weeks.  Three weeks!!  I know, I'm aghast myself.  There really isn't much to tell.  We woke early and took our house guests to the Original Pancake House, a must eat place around these parts.  There we watched the littles color and place stickers all over Uncle Jared and Auntie Leanna.  I only wish I had taken a picture.  You know for posterity's sake and all.  Pancakes all around and goodbyes to Uncle Jared in the parking lot.  Neck squeezes and slobbery kisses and all that.  It was sweet.  Then he was off to work, someone had to and we all headed home for packing and packing and packing.  Thing 2 needed help and I sat on her bed and lamented over the fact that I wasn't going to see her sweet face for three weeks.  This Mama has never been separated from one of her babies for that long.  I held back the tears, only because everyone was watching.  Once I was sure that the Horels were all secure in the family van and had left the "building" I ran inside and again tried to hold it all together.  Only I couldn't and the other Things quickly came to the rescue with some hugs.  That was close.  It was bittersweet.  I knew Thing 2 would be having fun and making memories.  Spending time with one of her friends from the old hood, seeing our neighbor friends, helping the Horels and even spending some quality time with Grandpa and Mema.  Good stuff.  The tears might have also been due to the Horel family leaving our home. I just loved having those two littles here and their parents.  Thankfully we will be seeing them soon as we make our way through Franklin and onto Florida once again.  Aunt Natalie is a champ and taking pictures and capturing the moments so I was delighted to see photos every step of the way.  Their stop for a dinner picnic and swimming, the overnight stay in St. Louis, the farm and even all the tired girlies, the biggest one included, watching the Aristocats in the family van.  Felt like I was there.  So that was the last day and then some. 

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