The Beach Redux

This time Husband Jared ventured to the beach with the Things and I.  And this was our view on the way there.  Have you ever seen water so turquoise?  I know I haven't.  I am grateful.  Grateful for Saturdays spent with Husband Jared and the Things.  Saturdays free from house chores, or shopping or house chores.  Oops, did I say that already?  Sorry. 
This Saturday was spent driving along the coast line, finding a beach club all on our own and relaxing in the hot sand.  Under an umbrella of course. 
Thing 1 was awfully tired so she napped while Thing 4 did this.
Apparently skim boards are uncommon around these parts so Thing 4 gave quite the show to the locals.  A recent college grad, from Purdue, even asked where he found that, surely wanting one of his own.  We might have found a new business for ourselves?!

There was also plenty of this happening on the beach.
The Things love their roasted corn.  Here they prepare it on the beach and walk around with tongs and coolers and sell it to you.  Delish! A new favorite treat.

After being in the sun all afternoon we swam and were refreshed by the coolness of the ocean.  The water here is extremely shallow quite a ways out so the girl Things and I swam and swam.  We found clear fish and sea grass floating on the soft sandy bottom and beautiful weathered rocks in all shades of colors.  Not many shells though. 

When the sand had taken it's toll on Husband Jared we headed to the new marina in Cesme for some shopping, I know I said no shopping.  We really didn't, we just took in the sights.  It wasn't shopping for "house stuff" so it doesn't count.  There are rows of shops and cafes and it is just a quaint seaside village, if you will.  Oh, did I forget to mention the view of the Greek island Kos (I believe that is the right one) that we soaked in?  So surreal to be living here.  The harbor is filled with sailboats that reach the sky, all moving rythmically with the wind. 
A well spent Saturday afternoon, if I do say so myself.  And I do.

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