A man, a grill and some smoke

The man of course is my Husband Jared.  The grill, a put together charcoal grill, not even balanced correctly and the smoke, well the smoke is part of this story.  We purchased this grill at Kostas, a store similar to Home Depot, and the charcoal was not really charcoal afterall.  It was in fact broken up pieces of wood that were so small they just slipped right through the tray of the grill. 
To be expected, nothing is ever what it seems.  

To that effect, we had planned on night swimming, grilling and enjoying the sunset from our deck.  As they say, the best laid plans.  Let's just say that when dinner finally made it to the table, which was actually a beach towel picnic, it was 22:00.  That is 10pm, just in case you wondered.  

Husband Jared called up to me in the kitchen about a half hour after lighting the "charcoal" and said, "Would you mind cooking the burgers and chicken inside tonight?".  Of course I lovingly replied, "No problem dear".  Not.  I could feel another tantrum rising up.  I thought I could fix the problem.  That didn't work.  The wind was sweeping through the back yard, the wood was not staying lit and Husband Jared was attempting to wheel the grill around the deck to find the best location.  It was a sight.  I thought he might be sending smoke signals to the neighbors, "help", "rescue me"!  "Please, oh please just stay lit". 

I will give him an A plus for effort and determination.  His Things wanted grilled burgers and that's what they were going to have.  In the end all was well and the grill master succeeded.  But of course.  He even managed to grill some Hellim cheese, his favorite. 

So the six of us enjoyed our first night grilling in our new home.  We shared our meal watching Germany and Uruguay battle it out on the pitch.  The smoke cleared and Husband Jared won and so did Germany.

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