New Friends

We met friends today.  Friends that have children our children's ages.  Amen.  The Things paired up and headed off into the neighborhood to explore.  We enjoyed Turkish snacks, learned how to cook a few Turkish dishes and enjoyed some fellowship.  It was a treat. And the cupcakes, they were delish. 

Maybe this should become a food blog.  Um, no I think not.  Although I do love food.  Really love it.  And now after learning some survival Turkish, some market language and cooking basics I will try to be more adventurous in the mutfak, (kitchen). 

Though the matriarch of the family and I did exchange stories regarding food and our adventures here in country. 

My story was from the farmer's market visit that Thing 2 and I shared a few weeks ago.  Our first visit to the market I tried to answer the Turkish man with my vast knowledge of Spanish...NOT.  Thankfully he didn't understand me and I didn't understand him.  And that is when Thing 2 stepped in.  She politely said, "Mom, why don't you be quiet and let me do the talking".  Yes, thank you, I will do just that.  And she did.  Rather well I might add.  She was able to ask, "how much", and tell them exactly how much of what we wanted.  When one nice man was trying to explaing to me that the market closed at 3pm, she understood him.  Me, I didn't.  I felt lost and unsure and Thing 2 taught me a lesson that day. 

The next story was another blooper.  Mine, no less.  Humbling.  That is the theme of this excursion as of late.  A constant reminder for me of where I need some refining.  Anyhoo.  I was forced to call and order water jugs for our cooler this weekend.  And when I say forced I mean Husband Jared would not speak into the phone when I handed it to him.  It was my turn he said.  And how was I going to learn if I never tried.  To which I thought, well you can do it.  Your Turkish is better than mine and they understand you and you understand them.  And so on and so on.  Well, needless to say I ran to my bedroom and made the call.  I started in English, told him what I needed in Turkish and all the while I heard their snickering in the great room.  Beneath the laughter they were shouting the right words to say.  When I emerged, feeling rather confident about my latest quest they were there waiting to poke fun.  Laughter.  So thankful for that.  By the way the water was delivered. 

Our new friend shared a similar story about her experience.  Then she proceeded to inform me that I didn't have to do all that talking next time I was in need.  The delivery guy probably programmed my phone number as the "crazy foreigner" with my house # so he knew what I needed when I called.  That's it.  Call, let it ring a few times and there you go.  Water delivery.  Who knew it could be so easy?  For both parties involved that is. 

I am so grateful for the time we had today with our new friends.  For stories and yummy food and Things' laughter and helpful tips on living in this beautiful country. 

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  1. The Van Dierens Says:

    I am so proud of you, Jared and the Things!!! What a wonderful experience you are all having!

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