The Beach

I can not say that with enough emphasis.  We read about the beach, we looked at countless photographs of the beach, we salivated at the beach.  And then today we were there.  In less than 30 minutes from our doorstep to the seaside we were there.  Thanks to new friends, we were there. 

Upon seeing the turqoiuse ocean the Things all sighed heavily.  Ok maybe not, but I did.  Seriously.  The water is turquoise.  I am not exaggerating.  I would love to post a breathtaking picture that captures the ethereal beauty of the sites I viewed today, but sadly enough I can not.  My camera was left behind inadvertantly.  Oh well, another time.  Like maybe tomorrow.    Oh, I hope tomorrow. 

We had a delightful day.  Swimming, walking, building sand castles, snorkling and swimming some more.  Not to mention snacking and eating and snacking.  It is unreal the appetite that the salt water stirs.   

There was smooth sand, no rocks, no sharp shells, no trash.  Just crystal clear water, sailboats drifting on the horizon and the joyful sounds of happy Things and their friends. 

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  1. Sheila E Says:

    you paint a beautiful picture with out the camera. So fun to read all your postings. I'm totaly enjoying it. Your "Things" will look back on this time and have great memories.

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