Driving Ms. Daisy... NOT!

Forgive me for the movie reference above.  The traffic situation here in Turkey holds no comparison to a casual Sunday afternoon drive.  Yet, despite my lack of enthusiasm or confidence, I managed to drive home from the airport this morning, by myself.  Husband Jared is in Istanbul for two days, and the Things and I have some plans that required the use of a vehicle.  So, it was time.  Time to conquer the fear and just do it!  And I did. 

Last week I drove about 2 km to the farmers market, by myself.  Yesterday I drove to the hyper market by myself, complete with toll road and motor highway.  Today, airport.  Tomorrow, who knows?  We may just take the beach drive by ourselves.  Or not.  We wouldn't want to get carried away.  There are dirt roads and unmarked routes that no GPS could find. 

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  1. tuneintonyo Says:

    Thanks for the photo. Have you read "The Alchemist"?

  2. tuneintonyo Says:

    Ok meant to post that comment on the photo of the harbour...

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