Forgotten Fourth of July

Not really forgotten, just not posted.  Here are photos from our picnic at Narlidere.  Where we met new friends, ate yummy watermelon and enjoyed the sunset on the bay.  Not to mention a mosquito attack a lost child and a pregnant stray cat.  Of course the Things were absolutely infatuated with the latter.  She was so pregnant you could actually see the kittens moving in her belly.  Oh my.
A trip to the play ground where Thing 4 met some local kiddos and proceeded in forming friendships.  He insisted that they understood every word he said.  Really, they saw the football in his hands and wanted to play.  Way to bridge the gap Thing 4!
A frinedly game of football with our new friends.  The children were taking turns shooting the ball.  If they scored icecream was promised.  Luckily the brick wall pictured below crumbled for frozen treats in lieu of victory.
What a great day and a beginning to new friendships here in Turkiye. 

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