Dinner Conversation Talking Points, Don't Judge

 1. Reaganomics - Totally - Thing 1 pretending as if she knew what Husband Jared and I were talking about

2. Jack Daniels, one of Daddy's top 3 because he has a drink named after him, or so Thing 3 thought he said

 3. "Galaxy don't want to sell him" - in speaking of Landon Donovan

4. Jane Goodall, Mom wanted to be her (spoken by Thing 2, of course)
* she actually asked what other animal activists were Americans!

5. Van Gogh - one of Thing 1's top 3 Americans (yes, we know he was not an American)

6. Jeff F K - Thing 4's top 3 (that's how he said it)

7. And to top it all off, Timmy Boy (Tim Howard, USA goal keeper), Thing 3's top 3!

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  1. Cheryl Lee Says:

    wish I was there to hear that! sounds fun though, what a diverse group, well, sorta! looking forward to being around the dinner table with y'all soon!
    love mom (a.k.a nani)

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