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Simply put shoes are something I take for granted.  Well, not unless I am on a mission for new shoes.  Cute shoes, trainers, heels, sandals and now the coveted boot with the weather cooling down. I do love me some shoes.  Shoes are the accessory that you can buy no matter what your weight is, what mood you're in, how you're feeling.  They complete the outfit.  And they must be worn when venturing outside one's home. Or at least they should be. 

 However, I recently learned that there are over 300 million children that do not have a decent pair of shoes.  (cue the woman with over 10 pair in her closet as I type, ME.)  That because they don't wear shoes and are often trekking across rough terrain their feet are cut and then they are at risk for contracting deadly parasites.  Can  you even imagine that?  While I love being bare foot it is by choice.  Walking over garbage, rocks, cliffs, etc. with no shoes.  No protection.  No thank you. 

I have shared about this organization before. About a walk the Things and I took barefoot, a hike through some challenging terrain.  I don't think that is something they have long forgotten.  At least I hope not. 

I wanted to share this opportunity with you all.  Not because this is some sort of endorsement but because I believe in the mission of this organization.  Soles4Souls provides shoes for children and adults alike that do not have them.  Throughout the greater Nashville area there are collection bins for your gently used shoes.  Just drop them off and they will take care of the rest.  They also have an informative and easily navigated website where you can make a monetary donation.  Check out their website, look around, http://www.soles4souls.org/.  For only $1 you can provide a pair of much needed shoes, for $15, 15 pairs and for a generous $50 donation you can purchase shoes for an entire orphanage.  Think about it.

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