Guessing Game

Can you guess where we spent the day yesterday?

5 Response to "Guessing Game"

  1. The Van Dierens Says:

    Looks like an obstacle course of some kind. Did I win???

  2. LKH Says:

    You didn't win, sorry. The reveal post will be up soon, check back for the answer!

  3. Sheila E Says:

    on the water on a boat or a ship of some kind. Hope you had a great day full of sunshine.

  4. Jared Hanson Says:

    I like this. Do I win something if I answer correctly?

  5. CherylLee Says:

    Jared, you were there, so NO! and, I can't answer because I know too! where are the pics, girlie?
    love ya all, really sounds like you had a great time, wherever you were! :)

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