Homescholing Day

Now that our holiday is over.  Now that our curriculum and supplies have cleared customs.  Now that all is back to the "new normal" we have begun homeschooling.  Technically we started the week before we left for the UK.  This won't be a complete week but it is the official start.  If there could be such a thing. 

We have decided that we don't need a rigid structure.  That's just not the way we roll around here.  In fact, most days the Things don't even roll out of bed until close to 9am.  We're not telling their friends that though.  The friends' moms' have forbid me to tell.  Each of the Things learns differently and prefers various locations and times for such.  I try to work with that.  Be flexible, that's my motto.  At least for right now.  Of course there are certain things we have to get done, and we do.  There is a particular day I prefer to teach art history and a time I enjoy reading aloud.  My advantage to being the "teacher".  Above all else we want to teach our Things to love learning.  To enjoy the process of discovery.  We want to help them realize that in our everyday life there are opportunities for learning.  Like when we make the glazed apple cake later today.  We will be incorporating math as well as listening skills, team work and of course practicing our Metric system studies.  And right now the Things are playing 4 square.  Together.  Yes, there is bickering over whether the ball went out or whom broke what rule, but they are figuring it out.  Together. 

This really wasn't supposed to be a post about my views on homeschooling.  I hope it's not.  My true intention was to document a "normal" homeschooling day for us.  So I can read this and remember just what it was that the Things and I shared everyday.  Here goes.

Wake up and Breakfast - together, in shifts, whatever
Daily chores, make beds, get dressed, brush teeth, put laundry away
School time - Different for each Thing based on needs and the day
Brain breaks - laps around the garden, fresh air required!
Finish up major subjects for the day
Lunch time - together, usually outside
Outside break
Read aloud - as a group
Art, worldview, music, etc. (elective time)

Well usually that is what it looks like.  For now, this is it.  It may change tomorrow, or maybe not until next week or next month.  I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Corynn Says:

    I still think you should have fit me in your suitcases!!!It looks and sounds like you guys had a great time in London, I look forward to seeing all the pics.
    I am thankful you all had safe travels and returned to your temporary home safely. I still call Nashville your home!! Uncle J

  2. LKH Says:

    By the way, we still call Nashville home too. We would have loved to have you and Corynn here, not sure about the suitcases though, might have been a tough sell. Miss you both tons! xoxo

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