Two Different Ideas of the Perfect Day

Another full day was on the agenda for the six of us.  We began as we have all other days, with a yummy English breakfast at the hotel and then we set off to see the sights.  A stroll down Deansgate brought us to the John Rylands Library.  The sight of a perfect day for me.  
I could have spent the entire day in this library.  Quiet reading rooms surrounded by stain glass literary figures and floor to ceiling book shelves, encased by glass.  Books every which way you turned, some from the 18th century.  There was an activity room for the Things with papyrus dating from the 1st century and a station to create your own book.  Simply amazing.  All of us roamed the halls and gazed in awe at the old printing machines and beautifully carved sandstone.  My perfect day.
And then we were on to Husband Jared's perfect day, Old Trafford.  A tour around the stadium where the Red Devils play and a look in the museum containing history from the team's beginnings.  A boy's dream.  

Towards the end of the tour we were allowed into the players room.  The place where they all sit at half time, change their boots and have a cup of tea.  Surreal.  We all took turns sitting in our favorite's spots.  

Thing 1's favorite, at least for right now.  
Towards the end of the tour we walked down the player's tunnel to the recorded screams of fans.
 The boards that SAF and the players stand in front of for interviews was just to our left in this photo.  Husband Jared had no words.  In fact, there may have been tears.  And then the finale of the tour was the dug out.  They actually allowed us to sit in the seats.  Wow!  
All in all this was a superb day.  The history, the tour, our guide and not to mention being a finger tip's touch away from the pitch, beyond words.  I have no adjectives to accurately describe this 100 year old "Field of Dreams".  Truly a memorable experience.  For all six of us. 
To top off an already perfect day we headed to Chinatown for dinner.  Upon a reccomendation from our concierge we went to Yang Sing for dinner.  It was the Thing's first experience in a "Chinatown".  This one was even complete with an arch designed by an artist from Peking.  
We dined and laughed and listened to jokes from our waiter.  There were roast chickens and pig and another unknown animal hanging in the window of the kitchen.  The Things' curiosity  was peaked.  Husband Jared asked our waiter what it was and his reply had us all in stitches.  He said, "human", Husband Jared said, "little one?" and our waiter said, "Yes, that's my baby with soy sauce".  And then at the end of it all he said, "My baby is called roast duck".  Ahh, and then we almost fell out of our chairs.  I guess you had to be there.  
It was one of those moments.  The whole day was filled with those moments.

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  1. The Van Dierens Says:

    WOW! I can't wait to show this to the family, I think there might be just a touch of the green eye monster lurking about!! Sounds like the Hansons are having the time of their lives.

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