Random Photos From Our Wednesday & Thursday

Wednesday we had lunch at a stable in Urla with our language instructor and her other classes.  Beautfiul grounds, extremely rare in Turkey.  We enjoyed lunch and visiting with the horses.  Our friend's daughter's horse is boarded here and we brought him carrots.  The Things loved this day.  Yet another advantage to homeschooling.  They sat at their own table for lunch and were quite impressive.  All 4 of them spoke with the owner of the stables and  participated in the "adult" conversations.  Not to mention they even practiced their Turkish.

Thing 1 made a fast friend.  This little one followed here everywhere she went.

Yesterday the Things were on a walk and they captured this fellow near the basketball court.  Of course they brought him home and had to take pictures.

Thing 4 posing with his newfound friend.

Thing 2 had the lizard in her pocket, clever.

And to top a perfectly great day we had this show in the sky for us after a hail storm that rocked our house.

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  1. Theresa Says:

    Just beautiful, wat an experience these little ones are recieving, it brings joy to my heart! i love and miss u all! aunt tree

  2. LKH Says:

    Miss you too Aunt Tree! Thanks for reading and commenting! xo

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