Eyes Opened

You know those days where you're just not sure?  Or those weeks, you know the ones where your eyes are closed and so is your inside?  Closed for business.  The walls are up and you're on guard.  Not sharing, not participating.  Not living. 

I know those ones well.  In fact, they can be my best friend.  Just curl up right beside me and get all cozy.  I let them.  Sometimes it's just easier.  That is not what this post is about though.  It is about the times when you get those glimpses.  The why becomes clear and apparent.  You are living.  Feeling.  All the way to the core. 

Right now, that's where I am at.  No, that is where I am choosing to be.  The place I can only be with a load of grace.  Undeserved. 

Today I was reminded of why I choose that place. 

I was on an important phone call with the US Embassy.  The one where I was hoping they would tell me my passport was en route to Urla and would arrive before Monday morning.  The Things had just finished school for the day and were running around like wild chickens planning what to get into next.  Or maybe plotting.  Anyhow, Thing 2 ran off to the neighbor's house.  Without asking.  Not a big deal.  I was finishing up my call and thanking the attendant for the good news regarding the passport situation and I heard the door slam.  I hung up and looked up to find Thing 2 out of breath and wet.  Before I could ask she was spilling the details.  She saved the twin!  The little toddler girl fell in the pool and Thing 2 pulled her to safety.  Their sitter was watching nearby but curious toddlers being who they are she fell in.  Mind you, it is a cold and windy day here and the water was quite chilly.  Thing 2 continued on when her siblings asked, "aren't you cold?"  "Of course", she replied but wouldn't you jump in to save a life?"  Gratefully they all responded loudly with resounding confirmation that her choice was a good one.  As the twins' mom arrived home she thanked Thing 2 and told her that she was thankful she was there because their sitter does not know how to swim. 

Alright God, I'm paying attention now. 

I looked into Thing 2's eyes and the only words I could muster were, "God's timing".  And it was. 

That is why I choose this place.  The place where I am aware of just what the above scenario entails.  A situation that could so easily be shrugged off as coincidence and not celebrated for what it was. Ordained timing.  Not by human hands. 

Another day I may have offered Thing 2 a rash of emotion for leaving without asking, for not telling me where she was going, today though I chose to be present.  To have my eyes opened.

2 Response to "Eyes Opened"

  1. Theresa Says:

    It is a God thing!! WOW!! Way to go Laney Lu!! Luvin u all!!

  2. LKH Says:

    Lovin' you too Aunt Tree! Thanks for the encouragement.

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