Thankful Thursday #48

No Polo, we are not cheating on you with another pooch.  This is our friend's dog LuLu.  She went to the beach with us last Sunday.  LuLu loves the beach and we loved playing football with her.  Polo, you will always be our favorite mutt.  Truly.
And now back to thankful Thursday.

480. good morning phone calls from traveling Husband
481. surprise packages for Thing 2 from her friends
482. SKYPE
483. rainy school days
484. new friends
485. the gift of learning something new
486. understanding, however minimal, a few more Turkish words
487. planning crafts for Christmas time
488. Things that help plan our art lessons
489. encouragment from unexpected sources

2 Response to "Thankful Thursday #48"

  1. Natalie Says:

    What about Bob?

  2. LKH Says:

    Of course he is my favorite dog nephew! Don't tell anyone else though! Rootbeer, Spike and Bo may get jealous! Polo must come first though. xo

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