Thankful Thursday #47

Comin' back at you this Thursday with "Thankful Thursday" after being MIA last week due in part to our travel schedule.  There is so much to be grateful for today, this is just a glimpse.  Please share your "thankful Thursday" in the comments section so we can give thanks together.

470. safe travels
471. my own bed
472. fits of laughter with the Things
473. sharing inside jokes with the Things
474. watching the Things share knowledge with each other while abroad
475. passport arriving on time
476. experiencing culture, together as a family
477. Husband Jared's diligence
478. candle lit dinners (all 6 of us!) 
479. my washer and dryer, both of which are working over time right now!

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  1. CherylLee Says:

    I'm thankful for my family and to share in other cultures through my kids and grandkiddos eyes! Nani

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