An Opportunity

Yesterday during our travels the word "opportunity" was continually being  pressed upon my heart.

Let me back up a bit.  We create quite a spectacle when we travel.  I have referred to this before, us being the monkeys, our family on display for all to see.  Until recently I was never bothered by this.  I guess largely due to the fact that in the Southern United States we most generally received smiles, knowing nods and affirmation that our family was special.  Fast forward to our recent relocation to Turkey.  The smiling, not so much.  The nods, not so much.  Blank stares, definitely.  And now here in London, those same stares.  My protective Mama instincts want to explain.  To share the joys of my four Things.  Rattle off all the wonderful qualities of each of them.  Even our reasons for traveling to foreign countries and sharing these experiences with our children.  Of course I don't.  Unless I'm asked.  And even then some don't get it.  That's OK, sometimes I don't get it.

So now we are in London and like I said, still the monkeys. I must admit it was getting to me a bit yesterday.  Everytime we boarded the bus, anytime we were on the train together, everywhere we went.  At lunch we had to all sit in pairs, no big deal really.  Thing 1 and Thing 2 sat together and behind them and next to them were two tables with ladies sharing lunches.  I couldn't help myself.  As soon as the Things sat down all eyes were on them.  In turn all eyes were on me.  So in my most syrupy sweet voice I said, "I guess we can't escape the staring, just like Turkey".  I do not know if my statement was heard by either bordering table but I do know my Things heard me.  Innocently enough they laughed.  As I walked back to my counter seat at the bar I knew I had not made a good choice.  I missed an opportunity.

That lesson was not lost on me.  I shared with Husband Jared and he even chuckled.  He knows how protective I can be and how silly I can be as well.  In this case silly was not a compliment.  It was at that moment that God reminded me of just what "opportunity" means.  Defined by it is,
a situation or condition favorable for attainment of a goal.  My attitude yesterday was not attuned with the higher goals that it should be.  Upon realizing this I made an effort for the remainder of the day to pay close attention, "mind the gaps" if you will, where opportunity was lending itself.  
Not too much later such an opportunity was presented.  Funny how that happens.  There was a woman, her companion and his elderly mother riding atop the Big Bus.  We sat behind them and proceeded to take out our camera for the next photo-op.  They said hello and were laughing dismally when they told us that both their cameras batteries had died and they had no replacements with them.  Just that morning Thing 1 needed new batteries for her camera and we had purchased a four pack.  Two of the four were safely tucked away in our back pack.  I immediately offered the two "extra" batteries to the woman.  Her face lit up and she even offered to pay me for them.  I refused.  The Things were all ears.  I told the woman that it was our pleasure to help her.  I was grateful for the opportunity.  She happily clicked away once the batteries were in place.  The man that was with her took my hand when we left the bus and thanked me.  Not only that but he reassured me that they would "pay it forward".  Remember that movie?  And now the most recent commercial?  The one where one good deed leads to another?  I do and I smiled when he said so.  
That was an opportunity.  One in which we may have been stared at but not for the same reasons. I pray that I am mindful of the opportunities that are afforded to me each and every day;  That I don't turn a blind eye and make the choice to ignore the situations or conditions that are favorable in attaining the ultimate goal.  

3 Response to "An Opportunity"

  1. tuneintonyo Says:

    Oh soo good Leanna! You are a gem, and mostly the stares will be out of jealousy for your courage, laughter, beauty and just plain wonderfulness. The "opportunity" to represent is always present and I am confident that you and the family will be facing those opportunities like a champion.

  2. LKH Says:

    Thanks Uncle Tony. You are never short on encouraging words and I so appreciate that about you. Love you!

  3. CJAQUES4 Says:

    What a good momma you are! I probably would have said worse to those ladies. I need to take your advice. Sounds like you guys are having a wonderful time. Cant wait to see all your pictures. Love ya:)

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