And Now, a Tennessee Recap... The First Week

On Valentine's Day the six of us flew to Nashville, where family and barbeque and the good 'ol South awaited us, Mema, Aunt Natalie and Cousin Autumn too!  First stop, the Shroom, or for those not in the know, Mellow Mushroom.  Our favorite pizza joint, no pun intended, and where we would meet up with Uncle Jeff and Grandpa Ron.  Delish is all I have to say about that.

Our  first week in TN was spent running from doctor's office to dentist's office, appointment to appointment.  Fairview to Franklin and then back again.  I lost count of how many times we maneuvered that drive.  Might be able to do it with my eyes closed now.  The Things squeezed in time with their neighborhood buddies in Clairmonte and Husband Jared and I managed to catch up with a few friends.  That weekend we had a family Saturday, went out to one of our favorite Franklin restaurants with some close friends and caught up, just like old times, Sunday was church and lunch at Pueblo with more incredible friends.  How blessed we were.

And then we were already into week 2, more on that later.  Stay tuned.

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