Tennessee Week 2

What went down in week 2?  It has been almost 2 weeks and I may have forgotten a few things, I will do my best to jog the memory. 

Oh, I had a birthday and the family celebrated.  Yeah!  Had a haircut, had a girly day with my buddies, a dinner date with Husband Jared and lunch with the Adams, also a Target trip with Ms. Rhonda to boot.  And that was just the first few days. 
 Birthday Dinner, lasagna (home made by Mema), salad and icecream cake courtesy of Baskin Robbins
A memorable Turkish dinner was cooked for the family, photos were shared, all the grandparents managed to get some lovin' from the Things, even Grammy and Pappo, bowling was accomplished and a bitter sweet goodbye dinner at Loveless rounded out the week.  Thing 4 also had his stitches taken out and Thing 3 managed to squeeze in a motorcycle ride before heading to the airport.  Not too many photos to post but lots of memories to carry with us.
 Turkish Mezes: Olives, Shepherd's salad, yogurt with red peppers
Ms. Autumn enjoyed our Turkish dinner too
The Things enjoying slushies and popcorn courtesy of Uncle Jeff, spoiled much?

The Horel Family at the bowling alley

Auntie Leanna and Autumn

The family at Loveless

The biscuits, need I say more?

Grandpa and Thing 3 on the motorcycle
Husband Jared carefully extracting stitches, he's become quite the professional

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