California Dreamin'...

Not really, Cali is not at the top of my list to visit, at least not if I had my choice.  Funny thing though when you have special people you love that live there it makes the trip worthwhile.  That it was.  Albeit a short whirlwind sort of trip it was most definitely "worth it". 

The three day excursion was off to a better than great start with breakfast at the Stuck's house Friday morning.  We ran to the park, helped with yardwork, enjoyed lunch and shopping, fished in the water trough, the Things witnessed a baby calf, seconds after being born and Thing 4 even managed to play some baseball with Uncle J.
 Poppi coaching
 Uncle J catching while Bo looks on
 Thing 2 with Aunt Corynn and Nani
 At lunch with two of my favorite men
 A good start to the day
Thing 3 and Thing 4 - trough fishing

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