Day 1 Prague

Today started off with breakfast with the Things, school plans, scheduling, goodbyes a quick science lesson and lots of hugs and kisses.  And then we were off.  Izmir to Istanbul, Istanbul to Prague.  We landed, took in the airport and made our way to Old Town Prague.  The drive was amazing in and of itself.  We were gawking at the architecture, the cobblestone roads and the people.  What an eclectic mix.  Of course if you know me, you know how I love to people watch.  This is the place to do so.

After checking in we freshened up and headed out for dinner at a local Czech restaurant.  Just around the corner from where we were staying was a quaint neighborhood place.  We walked in, were seated, ordered our pilsner and any dish we could find whose main ingredient was pork.  Yes people you heard me, PORK.  There we spent a few hours taking in the scenery, watching romantic reunions and decompressing.  More so we sat in disbelief that we were actually in Prague, together.  Really.

Here is a photo of me at dinner.  And one of Husband Jared and I with Old Town Prague in the background.

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