Farewell Praha

Sunday brought a three and a half hour drive and the acknowledgment that it was in fact our last day of this fairytale holiday.  In order to maximize our hours remaining we rose early and hit the road.  Another beautiful day before us and the open road left us ample time to talk, sing to 80's music and make up words for the German  music on the radio.  Good times.

 Church of Our Lady of Tyn with a gold statue of Lady Madonna 

Once we returned to Prague we quickly parked the car  and prepared ourselves for a day of soaking in this magical city.  We took a route suggested to us by our concierge and happened upon a local restaurant of sorts.  Husband Jared and I found a high table, made ourselves comfortable and begin playing cards and people watching.  Perfect.  After we enjoyed our plate of ham, cabbage pancakes and potato soup we decided to stretch our legs and peruse the city blocks we missed the first go around.  And there we saw it, a cigar shop.  Husband Jared ventured in and found exactly what he was looking for.

An espresso, a cigar and a happy Husband

The crowning moment of the day was by far the sunset view on the Charles Bridge.  With the castle and Little Quarter on one side, the sun slowly creeping into the horizon and a view of the steeples of Old Town behind us we could not have asked for a more spectacular show.  We dined on a river boat and sat in amazement at the display before us.

And that my friends is the end of our fairytale holiday in Praha. 

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