An impromptu drive found us in the quaint seaside town of Teos.  Home to castle remains from the 16th century.  Yes, more ruins.  The Things saw the block tower and I immediately heard the groans, "Ugh, Mom, do we have to look through ruins, again?".  Why yes, Things you do.  Lo and behold, before long they were running ahead of Husband Jared and I, climbing the rock walls and exploring as inquisitive children do.

 Harbor view to the left of the castle walls
View from within the castle walls, a tiny window I peeked out of with the camera

It was a gorgeous day and the sun was shining.  We stumbled upon the castle quite by accident.  Our intent was to drive to the marina out the Seferihisar Road and do some looking around.  A new place.  Somewhere we hadn't seen before.  There wasn't much time so it was a quick trip, convenient and close to home.  We came to learn that the castle had been built enclosing within it's walls a mosque, hamam and individual houses.  It has been used as a fortress, a naval command center, even a customs building.  What's left isn't much, walls made from adobe and stair cases constructed of wood.  It did provide an amazing view of the harbor and a perfect place to climb and run and imagine.

We plan on heading back when the weather warms and learning about the beaches.  I am looking forward to that field trip.

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