Catch up

Whew!  It has already been 2 weeks that we have been back in Turkey.  Our home.  For now.  We came home to dear friends and birthday gifts waiting on our table.  Wow. What a beautiful surprise! 

And then in a blink of an eye we were back in the throws of life.  Well that and catching up on our sleep, dealing with our jet lag and unpacking the 9 suit cases that came home with us.  We actually had a stranger in the Nashville airport ask us if we were moving to Europe.  Really?  As a matter of fact we are a family of 6 that was on holiday in the states from Turkey.  We needed a few things back at home.  Hence the luggage.  Not to mention our girls know how to shop.  And did they ever!  Anywhoo.  Where was I? 

Yes, life over the last few weeks.  We are definitely back to our routine.  School, football, friends, etc.  I am savoring every moment.  Or at least trying to.  Really putting forth my best effort to be present.  In the moment.  Whether it be as the Things' teacher, Husband Jared's wife, the cook, cleaner, laundry maid, whatever the hat I need to be wearing I want to be ALL there. 

We have had a mini field trip, rather impromptu I might add and a few dinners with friends.  I decided to cook a proper TN bbq for a few families, ribs, baked beans, corn bread and slaw.  So yummy!  During the week we managed to entertain yet another family with chili on a blustery cold day here in Urla.  Then this past weekend we had a spur of the moment family get together and devoured pide while playing cards and teaching friends how to win at Texas Hold 'em.  Husband Jared even joined the men on a fishing trip on our dear friend's boat.  Don't faint.  More than that he had fun and even more importantly he caught a fish.  He aslo caught some sun and a case of sea legs but don't tell him I told you that.  Good times. 

Speaking of the present, we received word that the Hanson Six will be leaving Turkey within the next few months.  By June to be precise.  Or at least as exact as one can be living in the retail world.  My heart is sad. Needless to say the urgency we feel to make the most of our time here dominates our thoughts.  There is all sort of planning happening around us.  So much we would like to see and experience before we leave this beautiful country.  We will do our best.  And while being HERE each and every moment we will be grateful for that opportunity and the gift that it is. 

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