Family Visits

They came from near and far, and just to see us.  My how fortunate we six Hansons are.  While at the Stuck's house in California we had family visitors from Friday night through Saturday evening.  So blessed. 

To begin with, Uncle Tony and Tucker spent a few hours with us.  Sharing enchiladas, crazy magic tricks by Thing 4 and even frozen yogurt.  A night to remember.

And then Saturday morning we were graced with the Strand family.  What a delight.  The nine of us walked to the park and spent the morning playing, racing, jumping and laughing.  We rounded out the afternoon with some cow gazing, holee board and more laughing.  Good cousin time.

 Thing 2 and Emme on the slide
 Husband Jared and me, Uncle Aaron, Aunt Maggie and Baby Boy Strand, waiting to make his appearance!
 Holee Board, family challenge

Soon after the Strand family's departure we were overwhelmed with more Uncles, Aunts and Cousins.  Wow.  Round two was kicked off with a lively "Just Dance" routine.  For the first time ever I participated and showcased my lack of dance floor smoothness.  No surprise there.  Although the laughs and work out gained trumped the embarrassment factor.  Uncle J grilled burgers and brats for the gang, football and basketball were played, more holee board, Turkey slide show, more laughing and just plain fun.
 Let's dance!
 More dancing
 Great Grandparents and the Hansons
Aunties and Nieces

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