Haircuts, more photos, a birthday and back to Arizona

Our morning began with a full blown breakfast feast, Stucks, Chamberlains and Hanson families, all gathered around the table.  What a sight.  I loved every minute of it.  The kiddos laughing and eating and telling stories and hugging and loving their cousins.  So sweet.  Then it was time for some personal grooming.  The family expert, Aunt Tree saved the day.  Things 2, 3 and 4 all received the best hair cuts ever.  Thank you, by the way.  And then photos with the family were taken on the lawn of J and Corynn's house.  I was still in my pajamas, which explains why you only see my head in most of the shots.  What a great looking bunch of Things!
The Chamberlain boys, the Things and Poppi
2 Chamberlains and the Hanson 6
Poppi, Nani and the Hanson 6
The Things and Uncle J and Aunt Corynn
The Things and Cousin Tyler
Our last day in Cali was difficult.  Goodbyes were inevitable.  They are my least favorite.  The Chamberlains were on their way to baseball games, Poppi loaded the truck and all the while the Things squeezed and kissed and said good bye, or more appropriately, see you later, even to their soon to be baby cousin.  Brother Jason and Sister Corynn and I, however, waited until the last possible moment.  After our hugs which were muffled with tears I ran to the truck and escaped.  What an example.  It was really just being so close, spending morning, noon and night together.  Living life and sharing laughs.  That's what I miss.  Proximity.  

We did in fact have some good times in Cali. 

When we returned to AZ we celebrated Aunt Tina's birthday and had some more cousin time with Kaya and Eden.  We had a special red velvet birthday cake and sang our best for the birthday girl.  Really the cousins just got silly and made the most of their last night together. 
Thing 2, Thing 1, Eden, Thing 4, Kaya and Thing 3
Good times in AZ too!

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