The Birthday Girl

This girl turned 10 today.  Double digits.  As in no longer 9.  She is now a decade old. 

Have I blinked?  Where did the time go?  I am now one of those moms that looks at their child and says, I remember when you used to do this or that.  Or when you were a baby.  Are they ever not your babies?  I don't think so.  Thing 3 will always be my baby girl.  Always.  Forever.

She is spirited.  The world is her stage.  Her sensitivities are apparent.  Thing 3 is not afraid to hug and kiss and hold my hand, in public.  When she is unsure of a situation she contemplates, she prays and then acts.  Her loyalties run deep.  A true friend.  A cheerleader, on the sidelines spurring you on.  Genuine.  No false pretenses, what you see is what you get.  Sometimes.  She doesn't like to dissappoint.  A competitor.  An athlete.  Tough.  Strong.  Yet sweet and snuggly.  Smart.  Very smart.  Passionate. 
You make this Mama proud Thing 3.  May you all your dreams come true.  Well at least the ones that are meant to be.  And may you continue to shine for Jesus.  I love you Thing 3.  Happy, happy birthday.

2 Response to "The Birthday Girl"

  1. corynn Says:

    Happy Birthday Gilli! Cute pics of her!

  2. Cheryl Lee Says:

    Sorry we missed the second bday dinner, but at least we got to enjoy one of them with you! love ya Gillie Bean!
    nani and popi
    miss you already!

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