PGS Athlete Awards

Thing 1 and Thing 2 with Coach Jeffords
Coach Jeffords offered for the Things to live with her while we were in Turkey. She made very clear that she did not want to have to experience more than one soccer season without a Hanson sister on the field.  So sweet. 

Thing 2 receiving her certificate

Thing 4 receiving her medal
It was a special night.  Ms. Cochran created a video montage of all the sports, complete with photographs and music.  And in addition she made a CD for all the athletes to have as a keepsake.  The soccer season was full of memories.  It was the first time the Things have played on the same team.  That was a joy to watch.  Their team made it to the Championship game and fought a good fight.  Below is a photo of the PGS Girls Soccer team for 2009.  Way to go Pioneers!

2 Response to "PGS Athlete Awards"

  1. Jared Hanson Says:

    I am very proud of my girls!

  2. Cheryl Lee Says:

    great job girlies!!! looks like you had a lot of fun with a great group of kids!
    wish we were there for ALL the games.....
    love you, nani and popi

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