Goodbye Polo but only for now

Yesterday we said tearful goodbyes to this dog, our beloved Polo.
Not forever goodbyes, but for 18-24 month goodbyes.  I am usually the first person to claim a dog is just a dog.  In this case though I have to be the first person, or maybe the second or third to make the distinction here that Polo is not just a dog.  I mean look at that face.  And those eyes, those I know that you are taking my kids to a foreign land eyes.  Yes Polo, you are right.  But this is not forever.  I promise.  Ok, I don't usually make promises.  But he won't remember right, he is a dog afterall.  You do remember what Mary Poppins says about promises.  Well, let me refresh your memory.  "Promises are like pie crusts, easily made and easily broken".  True, so true.
Almost five years ago we adopted this pup from the animal shelter.  We rescued him, really he might have rescued us.  So dramatic and so not true.  He turned our lives upside down.  Literally.  Two parents working retail management and 4 Things under the age of 8.  WHAT WERE WE THINKING?  Well, I had made a promise to the girl Things that when Thing 4 was potty trained we could have a dog.  And lo and behold, we were in PetSmart buying Thing 2's fish food and there was Mohammed.  Such as he was named by the original owner.  My heart melted.  I turned to mush and I said yes.  Then when Husband Jared came to see him I turned out the best pouty lip I have and pleaded with him to help me keep my promise.  After all it was a celebration now that all the Things were out of diapers.  Woo hoo!  Soon to be named Polo came home with us the next day.  And ever since then Thing 4 and him have had this special relationship.
Here they are, love at first sight.  Polo became the protector and every morning since the first snuggle of the day has belonged to Polo.  Not Mama.  Be still my crushed heart.  And most recently, actually the day of departure this is how Thing 4 began his day.
Oh my how they have changed.  And thankfully my bedding has too.
So on Tuesday morning I loaded one crate, one sad, confused dog and a weepy bunch of Things.  We made our way to the cargo desk at BNA and checked our Polo in.  We kissed, hugged his neck and fixed his mohawk.  And then he crawled into the crate and the door was shut.  It wouldn't be until hours later we would hear from his new caretakers, Nani and Poppi.  He arrived safely and soon enough he was acquainted with his new home. 
 This, this is what I was sent last night.  Poppi and Polo taking a nap.
Well, either napping or missing the Things.  Poppi said Polo sniffed the house and looked everywhere for them.  He has new Things to take care of now.  I am sure that he will be spoiled as the newest resident at "Stuck Hotel".  I am also sure that we will soon be "Skyping" our dog once in Turkey. After all, who could resist seeing that fu man chu beard, his knowing eyes lined with eyeliner and the long wispy hair hanging from his ears.  Not me.  I must be one smitten dog lover. 

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  1. Cheryl Lee Says:

    we promise to take very good care of him -- he seems to like it here and was very willing to play toss this afternoon with his 'baby' which arrived today!

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