Thankful Thursday #28

Today, May 20th, I am thankful for:
269. The ladies in the picture above, known lovingly as the "Bible study Babes"
270. Thing 1's straight teeth smile
271. Aunt Robin coming to visit today
272. Kayla playing softball somewhere close so we can see her
273. Laughter in my family van
274. Thing 2's artwork
275. Thing 3's speech about the blood drive
276. Thing 4 holding my hand 
277. Seeing Husband Jared via SKYPE
278. Seeing Niece Autumn make sweet baby faces

1 Response to "Thankful Thursday #28"

  1. Cheryl Lee Says:

    love it! we are the bible study babes too, although we are a little older, we are still 'babes'!! glad you found a group to connect with and that they make you smile!
    love ya, mom xoxo

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