Reeves' Place

May 30th is Grandpa Ron's birthday.  In honor of his day we spent the afternoon out at his and Mema's place.  The place where Things can fish, ride in the paddle boat, chase fireflies, climb trees, play in the tree house, chase ducks and geese and have bonfires.  Things 2 and 3 brought friends.  They fished and learned the ropes.

Thing 3 and Kendall

Thing 2 and Alexa
And now some fishing photos.  We did have some weather that sounded oh so wonderful on the tin roof we were under.  The Things and friends thought it would be fun to fish from the paddle boat so they braved the rain drops.

And by dusk, after dinner, the Things and friends wanted to swing and climb the tree house.  And that is exactly what they did.  Grandpa pushed them on the swings, right into the trees.

Fun, fun!
Time for cake and icecream by the fire.

Did I forget to mention that Grandpa and Mema have a "pet" duck?  LC.  He is Grandpa's shadow.  He climbs on the deck, let's you pet him and shakes his tail feathers.  Show off.

And that what was the end to our Sunday.  Thank you Mema and Grandpa.

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  1. Cheryl Lee Says:

    wow - looks like sooo much fun! Happy b-day to Ron! The kids told us about their fishing experience and popi was happy for them catching bass in the lake! and, we got the 'firefly' experience too..... what a fun and exciting time!
    love y'all!

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