A Couple of Firsts

This lovely lady, my Aunt Robin came to visit us, for the first time.  While here we toured downtown Nashville.  There behind her is LP field, where the Titans play, a sculpture of some sort, the Cumberland River and a beautiful Tennessee sky. 

The purpose of her trip was to watch her daughter, cousin Kayla play in the BIG tournament in Decatur, AL with Lubbock Christian.  So, she flew in Thursday night and last Friday the Things and I played hookie and joined her in driving to AL to watch cousin Kayla.  No dice.  The Spring time rain poured down on the South and games were cancelled.  We were, however, able to spend some time with Kayla before she headed to the batting cages with her team.  No rest when you have games to win.  We ate breakfast together, met some of her fellow teammates, checked Aunt Robin into her hotel and walked the local mall.  Then the Things and I went on to Georgia in hopes to be back for the championship game on Wednesday. 
We received the dissappointing phone call Monday evening, no more games.  LCU was out of the tournament and a devastated cousin Kayla headed back to school Tuesday morning and Aunt Robin came to Franklin to be with us. 

We made the most of our time together.  Tuesday we lunched at Mellow Mushroom.  A must for any visitor of ours.  Then of course there was the usual soccer practices, running around and awards ceremony for athletes at Poplar Grove School.  Aunt Robin witnessed her god-daughter receive an award for Best Offensive Athlete for the girls soccer team and Thing 2 was recognized with the entire team.  So special. To top off the evening Aunt Robin also saw her first fire-fly.  Also known as lightening bugs.  The excitement was not containable.  Simple things my friends, simple things. 
Wednesday we were in Nashville returning the rental car and decided to make a day of it.  We walked Broadway and visited this place on 2nd street.

Although we didn't actually venture in, we did see it.  That was a first. By then our tummies were rumbling and we stopped in BB Kings for some BBQ.  It is what you eat afterall.  We shared a delicious pulled pork sandwich and Aunt Robin sampled these for the first time:

Yes people, those are fried pickles.  And that's all I have to say about that.  Amen.  There is nothin' else like them. 
We walked and found a historical site I had not yet seen.  Fort Nashborough.  It sits right on the river's edge.

Eventually we made it home but only after a stop in Tootsie's and The Stage for  a taste of live country music.  We even heard an original song.  Not to mention we were the only ones in the place. 

The Things were waiting for us and we did homework, played and ate dinner together.  Everyone's "low" around the dinner table was "Aunt Robins leaving tomorrow".  So sweet.  And what would a visit to Franklin be without a trip to Sweet Ce Ce's?  So for dessert we took Aunt Robin for another stop on the "eating tour with the Hansons".  The Things favorite place. 

I just adore Thing 1's face in this photograph.  Does she look happy or what? 

Well, at least we were.  We ate yummy frozen yogurt with too many toppings.  Mmm, mmm.

As we were enjoying our treat those Spring time thunderstorms made their appearance yet again.  Only this time much more tamely.  And when we looked out the window of the shop this is what we saw:

You could even see the indigo in the rainbow.  So amazing and so beautiful. 
And that my friends is how the trip of firsts with Aunt Robin ended. 

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  1. Cheryl Lee Says:

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  2. Cheryl Lee Says:

    glad you had fun! love the pics and catching up -- Robbie, you did a lot in your week and visit with the kids!
    congrats to Thing 1 and 2 for the athleticism and 4 for winning the championship and for Thing 3.... you are my favorite Gillie Bean!

  3. Rob Says:

    Nobody has fried pickles in Arizona, or do they?

  4. Corynn Stuck Says:

    Looks like you had a great time! How fun for Aunt Robin to get to experience Tennessee!

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