Meet Ms. Autumn

At approximately 5:48am this morning, May 5th, 2010 Autumn Arlene Horel entered the world. 
Take a gander.

Jeff and Natalie are the proud parents of this bundle of joy.
And today they allowed us the honor of meeting their daughter. 
All the Things had the opportunity to meet their cousin.  Ever so carefully they washed hands, sat still and straight and cradled Autumn in their little arms.  Salty discharge was shed by this Mama.  So sweet.

Thing 1, the Professional.  Is it me or does that baby look like a doll? 
Or is it that my girl looks so old?
Thing 2, all smiles from ear to ear.

Thing 3, not so relaxed.  She takes her job as older cousin very seriously.

Thing 4, I had to help support Autumn's head.  He wanted to be right next to her at all times.  Touching, talking to her, stroking her soft hair.  He loves his cousin.

Well since I am being a bit self indulgent here, take a look at this photo of Husband Jared and myself when we snuck over to the hospital this afternoon.  I could hardly stand to wait until then but we did.  I waited patiently for the OK from the new parents and then we brought lunch and chowed.  What a treat for my soul.

And now one last peek at the angel girl, Autumn. 

Mama and Baby are doing well.  Daddy too.  Tired.  Exhausted.  Exhilerated.  Proud.  Swollen hearts.  With emotion that is.  They make a beautiful baby.  That I know for sure.

2 Response to "Meet Ms. Autumn"

  1. corynn Says:

    She is so beautiful, so happy for the two of them! That is adorable that all the kids were able to hold her.

  2. cheryl lee Says:

    She is adorable, such a little blessing - we just missed it by a day! Darnit!
    Best wishes to the Horel's!

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