Thing 4 and Butterflies

This boy...

makes me smile.
On Thursday Thing 4's class released the caterpillars turned butterflies that they had been studying in class.  We had a picnic lunch and then stood in a circle to watch the winged beauties fly to freedom.  Thing 4 and his classmates named each and everyone of the caterpillars. They knew which one belonged to whom and as they flew from the netting that was holding them in the children called their name and waved goodbye.  That or chased it to the ground and proceeded to capture said butterfly.  Again.  Thing 4's came back to say farewell. 

And then off they flew, hopefully to safety.  And off we flew to flee the incoming storm.  Thankfully we all made it inside to safety and a memorable day was had by all.  Even the butterflies.  Hopefully.

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